Deea's Journal has been mostly on and off. I'm still in my 20s and though my life is not New Adult novel material, it's still crazy enough to keep me busy and distracted. Regardless, despite all the changes and time consuming activities, reading has been my constant passion. And I miss talking about it... About all the awesome books coming out lately, about the sequels I've been dying to read for years, about the series that ended etc, about my new book boyfriend etc.

So... Along with my friend, buddy reader and often partner in crime, Aimi, we decided to give this blogging thing another spin. This time, we'll keep it mostly for our reviews and bookish chats, rambles and rantings. For those moments the words and feels just want to burst out of our chests, when we read a book the world NEEDS to know about, when something left a mark, an impression and we want you to check it out as well etc.

We read Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopia, Urban Fantasy... Anything with a kick, really. And we're always honest with our opinions. ;)

Find us and join our crazy chats and updated on Goodreads...




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